Drives Out Pests From Your Home or Business! 

We Have A Proven Solution!


  Be Pest Free! No More Costly Exterminators! 

  No more poison or traps! Protect your family

         from all those Toxic Chemicals! 


   Rats and mice & other rodents pose serious

  health risks, but traps and poisons come with a

 heavy price. Poisons can endanger children and

  pets while inhumane traps require the handling

  of potentially disease bearing rodents. Neither

  poisons nor traps provide long-term protection

  since more rodents will likely replace the ones

    you've killed. It can be an unending cycle .

"A whole new concept in pest control"

Fact-1 Rodents happen to present the single largest
 pest problem worldwide. 
Fact-2 Rodents bite tens of thousands of people every
 year; they can carry numerous deadly diseases. 
Fact-3 Rodents cause thousands of structure fires by
 eating the insulation on electrical wiring and their
 consumption of grain products worldwide causes
 hundreds of thousands of deaths due to starvation
Fact-4  The existing conventional methods of rodent
 control consisted of a variety of traps and poisons which
 very often cruelly kill the target animal. 
  On top of that, killing rodents never really solves the
 problem long-term; new intruders almost always replace
 the old. 

Just plug this in and the pest will flee.

The electronic signal of the Pest Repeller drive pests crazy, yet they're undetectable to human ear. Safe for dogs, cats & birds. Will not affect computers or appliances.

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Proven Effective Against: All Rodents!  Mice, Rats, Squirrels and More.

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Buyer Protection Program.

You can buy Pestrepeller online with complete confidence.

You are protected from product defects by a 2-year product warranty.
In addition, we also offer a 30 day money back guarantee.
You can return the product for a full refund if you are not satisfied.
You pay only for shipping.

We offer this double protections program because we are confident
you will be happy with the performance of your Pestrepeller unit.

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